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Abrasive Disc Automatic Die Cutting Press

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Auto cutting and stacking of jumbo roll abrasive sandpaper material


General description

  • Three sets of servo motor position systems, position accuracy +/-0.2mm.
  • Working capacity up to 57 600 pieces of abrasive disc per 8 hours with two cavity cutting die to cut two plies of roll material.
  • User friendly computer control and 100 cutting program memory provides easy operation.
  • Punch-slugs go through punch tube to slug box under head and you can use a vacuum cleaner to clear out the slugs.
  • Cut part auto knock out & stacking system will stack cut parts to preset quantity ready to be packed. This function can save several workers.
  • Auto cutting directly from jumbo rolls can not only simplify manufacturing process, but also achieve material savings up to 15%.
  • Unique stainless steel grid plate feeding device & stacking system can achieve perfect feeding & stacking results for all kinds of non-woven felt, Velcro backing, and pressure sensitive adhesive(PSA) release paper backing of abrasive sandpaper material.
  • Separate sealed hydraulic unit with external line filter and seal-protected moving parts protects against abrasive entry and can provide excellent machine durability.
  • Unique function cuts deeper automatically to compensate for worn-out die blade edges and obtains excellent clean cut parts.
  • Motorized 4 post mechanical stops stroke control device allows the cutting die to just touch the cutting surface and therefore can provide excellent die and pad life.
  • P.P. pad shifter device can save cutting pad cost and provides clean cut parts.