SYSCO CPC-NA CNC Hydraulic die cutting machine for envelope Expand



CNC Traveling Head Die Cutting Machine for Envelope

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CNC Traveling Head Die Cutting Machine for Enveloppe

Any type large size envelope close die cutting
Four corner cutting for pocket type and wallet type envelopes

General description 

  • Head driven by double chain with frequency converter cushion system to stop at one cutting position with position accuracy ±0.2mm
  • Working capacity up to 400,000 blanks per 8 hours with maximum material stack thickness up to 60mm
  • Die lubrication for clean cuts and longer die life
  • Cutting pad shifter extends pad life
  • Optional adjustable die holder allows for cutting many different sizes of envelope with the same four corner dies, thus saving the cost of expensive dies
  • Maximum blank size 480×550mm (THNC-N25) / 600×600mm (THNC-N30)
  • Optional pneumatic head center ejector ensures maximum cutting size accuracy for stack material
  • Optional four corner dies
  • Optional front and rear waste removal conveyor belts