Miller Weldmaster SPEC Extreme Hot Wedge Welding Machine for Hem Expand



Portable Wedge Welding Machine for Hems

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SPEC Extreme Hot Wedge Welder

For Hem seams

Single Function Welders at an Affordable Price:

The Spec Wedge Welders were designed using the existing technology of our successful line of Triad Wedge Welders. The Spec line is a line made up of single function welders to perform Overlap welds, Hem Cord welds, Flat Hem welds, Acrylic welding, Thick Material or High-speed welds. This allows the customer to dedicate a Spec Welder for a specific welding function without changing out attachments at an affordable price.

The Spec maintains a noiseless and smokeless operation, a patented Self-centering Wedge and a new Swing-out Wedge feature for easy cleaning, inspection and service. The Spec welders also utilize our same unique self-guiding Track System for hands-free welding. Our exclusive guide systems for the Spec Welders are back and forth and right and left. In addition, the Spec offers right and left hand feed units (mirror image) for simultaneous welding or hemming of sheets, flags, banners, etc. There are no other automatic welders in the world that offer the versatility that the Spec Wedge Welders offer. All welders are available in 110V or 220V.

What is a wedge?

The Wedge is a solid piece of Aluminum shaped like a Wedge with two or more Cartridge Heaters inserted into it as the heat source. The Hot Wedge thermo bonds your material by contact. The material makes contact on the top and bottom of the wedge, heating the material, then enters directly into the pressure rollers to produce your bond.