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SIGMA Simple 100

  • Cost Effective

  • Automatic folding and hemming

  • Ability to save programs

The Simple 100 welders from Sigma offer an entry-level machine with world-class performance.

Designed to bring some automation to smaller factories, the Simple 100 offers automatic pocketing, welding, reinforcement, as well as semi-automatic joining of materials.

This series also features a touchscreen HIM interface for operation, large memory for saving welding parameters, mechanical adjustment of pocket sizes, and guides for joining fabrics.

This series is offered in 3.2 and 4m lengths with welding bars available in 6,10,19, and 24mm thickness.

Welding length 9,84 – 13,12 or 19,68 feet  
Welding length 9,84 - 13,12 or 19,68 feet o
Welding length 9,84 - 13,12 -19,68-27,6 or 40,8 feet  
Welding width 1/4" - 3/8" - 3/4" or 1" in
Side openings to move the fabric and keep welding in multiple strokeso
Trays on front and back sides adapted to work with large or heavy fabrics
Welding tape holderooo
Illumination of welding area by LED lightingo
Colour touch screen
Heating and cooling time control
Temperature in Cº or Fº
Save up different welding parameters
Save up different groups of work 
Interface, real time status of the process, alarm messages...etc.
Customized guides for welding zippers, plastic profiles, keeder,
Automatic opening guide for welding zippers, plastic profiles or keeder oo
Manual stops to position the fabric 
Electronic stopedge to position the fabric o
Automatic frontedge for overlaps o
Automated pocket size o
Manual folding pocketoo 
Automatic electronic and folding pocket (22-90mm)  
Automatic pneumatic folding pocket (17-85mm)  
2 Magnets per meter to clamp the fabric
Regulation of welding bars planimetry 
Pocket width up to 150mm  o
Horitzontal flathem welder with 19 mm welding width included + double pocket  o
Front electric motion  o
Electronic offsets to solve the diference between different materials o
Fast change system for the welding bars
Posibilites to work with different width electrodes in the same machine
Fast change system for the welding barsooo
Controlled lowering of the welderooo
Automatic pressure control oo
Remote screen + Remote assistance oo
Electric voltage (Eu/Us)
Our machines comply with all CE safety rules