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Impulse Extreme

Impulse Welding Machine Available in 3 meters, 4.5 meters and 6 meters effective length




The Impulse Extreme incorporates an effective thermo impulse sealing technology with precision controlled welding parameters that will create the best looking and strongest seams. The Impulse ExtremeTM is ergonomically designed for easy use and operation to improve efficiency.

Features, Functions and Benefits 

  • Produces the strongest acrylic and marine seams available.
  • This machine provides consistently even heat distribution throughout the extreme seam through its upper and lower bar heating.
  • Front loading trough, fabric alignment with the rear material.
  • Capable to weld manually hems, overlaps, hem with rope, rafter straps...
  • Application of welding with acrylic tape or webbing with the Extreme SeamTapeTM dispenser.
  • Welds PVC, PE, PU and many more.
  • Built with one-person operation in mind.
  • Compatible with any world power source, with worldwide service, training, operation and installation.
  • It’s digitally-controlled heating and cooling cycles along with the multiple high-pressure safety cylinders guarantees even and consistent seams every time.
  • Its solid steel frame makes it the most durable system on the market today.
  • 9 programmable memory settings.
  • Machine 4-in-1 flat welded hem, pocket up to 90 mm, overlap and Zip
  • Commissioning and on-site training by a DOREY specialist
  • After sales service provided
  • Color touch control SCHNEIDER MAGELIS record with 10 programs screen
  • Temperature upper and lower individually adjustable bars for SEAMLESS function
  • Cooling of bars by water during the holding time
  • System exclusive folding - new IFAI 2013 motorized adjustment of the desired pocket
  • Interchangeable Electrodes: 10, 15, 20 and 25 mm
  • Voltage: 220V single-phase or three-phase 400V

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