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CNC Automated Cutting Table with multiple tools

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The Advantage is designed to be an effortless, reliable, durable cutter.

It’s for those who want the best but don’t require the additional features Autometrix's other tables offer.

Max Cutting Speed :0,6 m/s
Max Acceleration :From 0 to max speed in 0,24 s
Accuracy :0,51 mm
Repeatability :0,13 mm
Motors :Stepping Motors
Drive System :Rack & Pinion
Included Cutting Tool Mounts :1
Included Plotting Tool Mounts :1
Air Drill :N/A
Glyph Dot Marker :N/A
Available Cutting Widths :1,6 m / 1,8 m
Available Lengths :1,8 m / 3 m / 4,2 m / 5,4 m / 6,7 m / 8 m / 9,1 m / 10,3 m
11,6 m / 12,8 m / 14 m / 15,2 m
Max Material Thickness :22 mm

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Autometrix offers simple, accurate ways to digitize your patterns with CadShot.

Whether they’re cardboard templates, hand-drawn patterns or unstitched original pieces, we have a digitizing solution for you.
CadShot Mobile
CadShot allows you to use your phone or tablet to digitize your pattern easily and accurately.
It’s as simple as taking a picture!
CadShot Vision Module
If you have large patterns or limited space, the CadShot Vision Module can be mounted over your cutting table. This allows you to use your vacuum table to hold patterns flat during the digitizing process.
The AVM is designed to work with both CadShot software and our HideShot solution.

CadShot also works with a flatbed scanner.
Once your patterns are in a digital format, it is vital that they be optimized for machine cutting.
Our software PatternSmith provides a powerful tool for just this purpose - with the click of a button, all those extra points are removed and all that is left are smooth curves, straight lines, and notches, ready for cutting.

Logo logiciel PatternSmith

All Autometrix solutions include PatternSmith software



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