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Solutions to some of automated cutting’s most difficult challenges.

Accurate CAD patterns are the key to automating your cutting successfully, and PatternSmith has made Autometrix a leader in the field of pattern development software. As easy to use as it is powerful, PatternSmith, allows you to create patterns from scratch, import them from standard design files like DXFs or digitize even the most complex patterns simply.

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Full-featured software solutions with one critically important feature: ease of use.

PatternSmith becomes even more powerful with the help of these additional software tools. Whether you're designing custom awnings or insulation blankets in 3D, or looking for the most efficient nesting layout available, Autometrix has easy-to-use solutions that integrate cleanly with your cutting solution.

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Icone EclipseEclipse
Create any style awning in 3D, add attachment details, then generate the flattened 2D patterns to cut. Eclipse handles the details and lets you concentrate on the design. Eclipse Pattern Design software now integrates with Awning Composer to make your awning manufacturing more efficient.
Icone PipePipes 3D
Computes the perfect patterns needed for complex intersections of pipe cylinders and cones. Your 3D pipe images are turned into 2D patterns ready for plotting and cutting. Your intersections will fit perfectly the first time, every time.
Icone SlicerSlicer
Slices large patterns into manageable panels that fit your material, and gives you complete flexibility in the slice line placement.
Icone NestingAutomatic Nesting
Computer-calculated nesting can drastically reduce costs by minimizing waste. When you have a machine like an Autometrix that’s capable of extremely accurate cutting, you can nest patterns together tightly and get the most out of every square inch. Our software calculates and displays the most efficient pattern in a matter of seconds.
Icone ShadeShades
Easily create roller and roman-style shades. Enter your dimensions and get your finished patterns in minutes.
Icone TemplateTemplate
Customizes the fit for all of the patterns of a specific style. Relates all of the dimensions for each pattern to a few measurements, allowing them to be easily and automatically adjusted.
Icone WorkflowWorkflow
Workflow is a revolutionary new software tool from Autometrix that simplifies the production of customized products that require a variety of materials. It’s like an invisible cutting room manager who never gets tired and never makes a mistake. At the end of the cutting process, each cut piece is included in a kit for each product ordered.
Icone HideshotHideShot
HideShot allows you to quickly and accurately capture the outline and flaws of graded leather hides. It also allows manual nesting within irregular perimeter (call us for info about automatic nesting for leather), and around any flaws saving a huge amount of time! HideShot works in conjunction with the Autometrix Vision Module (AVM), available separately.
Icone SpeedloaderSpeedLoader
SpeedLoader makes it much faster to load and cut products. Input the number of items to be produced, and scan your barcode or QR Code. Scan once for a single run, or input the number of times you want the product to run. You can also embed the number of times you want the table to run in the barcode itself. More time savings.