Printed Electronics Europe

Printed Electronics Europe is the 16th consecutive event IDTechEx has hosted on the topic. It stands out by not only being the biggest event series in the world on the topic but also by focusing on the commercialization of the technology. At the heart of the event is our focus to attract end users/OEMs - who ultimately provide the voice-of-the-customer input and move the industry forward as they adopt the technology. Printed Electronics Europe provide a platform for you to meet the industry but learn how end users are adopting the technology.

See and learn about the very latest technologies and services designed to offer benefits which can differentiate and improve products and reduce cost by employing printed and flexible electronics.

What is Printed Electronics?

    Printed Electronics offers four key benefits:
  • New forms of electronics - such as flexible displays and electronics on 3D structures;
  • Larger area electronics such as sensor arrays;
  • Higher performance devices in some cases such as OLED displays;
  • Potentially lower cost electronics enabling ubiquitous IoT and smart packaging
Printed electronics comprises of many enabling materials, equipment and components, from mature technologies such as OLED displays to emerging sectors such as structural electronics. 

If you are involved in the electronics industry you owe it to yourself and your company to explore you opportunities in this growing disruptive sector at the world's largest event series on the topic - your key information and networking hub. 

The international exhibition, with more than 200 exhibitors, covers all the technologies throughout the entire supply chain across all major component types.