39-FBL Semi-automatic pneumatic machine for metallic eyelets Expand



Pneumatically Operated Semi-Automatic Grommeting Machine

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Pneumatically Operated Grommeting Machine with Manual Load


The 39-FBL is a machine with dimensions optimised to occupy little, maintaining the strength of rivet.His new block with deeper throat makes it more versatile and can work with a multitude of materials.
With option of putting caps on the material, which make it more comfortable and easy for work.
Pierces the material and place the eyelet and washer in a single cycle, with manual feed.
Just changing the dies, you can place grommets from 6 mm. to 41 mm. hole diameter.

This model of machine can be used:
Only the head (attachable to any workbench).
Mounted on bench with mobile or fixed pedal.
Mounted on wheeled platform for ground level work.



Sizes :12x27x51 cm*.
Eyelet sizes : 6 a 41 mm**
Stroke : 1 sg.
Weight : 14Kg
Working air pressure : 6 Kg.
Air consumption per cycle : 0.75 L.