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Impulse Welding Machine with Manual Controls

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MITEC-T 100 Series
The MITEC-T 100 series is the entry level. It is a manually operated impulse welding machine on which tasks such as joining, edging, hemming and zippers can be performed with the help of tools (some of which are optional).

General Features (Standard):

Available usable seam lengths: 3, 4 or 5 meters (10 - 13 or 16.5 feet).
Available weld widths: 6, 8, 10, 12, 19 or 24 millimeters (1/4", 1/3", 3/8", 1/2", 3/4" or 1").
OPTION Welding width from 25 to 40 mm available on 3 m long machines.
7" color touch screen. Front and rear fabric chutes.
Simple programming and control of the following parameters: Control of the heating and cooling time of the sealing bar.
Control of the sealing bar temperature by means of probes (ºC/ºF).
Preheating function to obtain a constant temperature and thus improve the quality of subsequent welds.
Editing of welding programs, display of temperature graphs and visualization of parameters.

Tools included:

Manual stops (for making joints) (1 unit per meter of machine).
Magnets (2 units per meter of machine).
Quick change system of the sealing bar.
Possibility to work with different widths of welders (with the same transformers).
Air pressure 6 bar.
400 / 230 three-phase.

*Dimensions in feet and inches are approximations of the metric system.
**Electrical and pneumatic connections required to operate the machine (not included).

All MITEC-T machines are manufactured in accordance with CE safety regulations.

Options :

Tape roll holder (for non-heat-sealable fabrics)
LED lighting
Customized guides
Automatic stops (front and/or back) for the positioning of the fabric (assemblies) (manual adjustment)
Manual pocket folding device with stop
Bar code reader
Pneumatically operated sealing bar lowering system
Additional sealing bars
Wider side with safety mat (side work)
Electrical connection (length to be defined)
Remote connection (LAN / WIFI) for after sales service.

On Request : 

Customizable chutes
Automatic front winding
30 or 40mm sealing bar
Liquid cooling system for sealing bars
Working height according to customer specifications
Data collection
Special realizations (own engineering service)