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Welding and Sewing Machine for Cured-In-Place-Pipelines CIPP

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Miller Weldmaster Autobond

System for CIPP

Types of Operations to run (see videos enclosed)

Double Tube Sewing System
Cured in Place Pipeline System
Cured in place welding machine
Cured In Place Pipeline Manufacturing
SINGLE or DOUBLE Layer Welding and Sewing Operations


This fully automated welding or sewing system manufactures cured-in-place-pipelines or rehabilitation tubes. The machine is capable of welding or sewing two layers of fabric simultaneously: one layer of non-woven felt on the inside and one layer of coated felt on the outside. The coated felt layer can be coated with PVC, polyurethane, polyethylene or polypropylene. This machine can weld or sew both layers, tack welds layers together all automatically inline simultaneously, saving time improving consistency and increasing quality.

Features, Functions, & Benefits 

  • Multiple unwinds for off roll production
  • Continuous operation for increased production
  • Capable of welding or sewing both layers to meet your finishing needs
  • Conveyor designed for reducing material handling
  • Automatic operation saving time and increasing quality