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Custom Sidewalls Welding Automatic Welding Machine for the Pool Industry

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Custom Sidewalls Automatic Welding System for the Pool Industry


The Miller Weldmaster 118 Custom Sidewall/Pool Beading Machine allows you to make custom walls for your pool customer without keeping a large variety of material patterns. This machine will allow you to weld your pool bead to your pool border at the same time that it welds the border to your wall. The machine is designed to be able to make one liner at a time or come off roll. It will allow you to offer a wide variety of patterns without having to keep a large inventory.


Features, Functions, & Benefits 

The system is made of :

  • One wall unwinder
  • One conveyor belt for precut walls
  • One hot wadge welding machine equipped with two welding heads to weld in the same time the bead and the decorative patterns
  • The welding machine is able to work with one welding head to do only for example the welding of the bead on the wall