SYSCO CAR-5N/5H Cutting and Stacking Machine for ISO Card Expand



Automatic Cutting and Stacking Machine for ISO Cards

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ISO cards cutting machine 

High accuracy and high productivity



  • Auto-cutting of plastic ISO cards from sheets of stacked and printed material.
  • Available for any commercial sheet format.



    • A combination of high volume production, accurate die-cutting, and high quality card edges
    • Inboard & outboard ball screw servo-driven gripper unit with position accuracy of +/- 0.1mm
    • The shear type male & female die ensures excellent clean cut edges
    • The optical sensors with registration mark tracking system ensure a cut-to-print accuracy of +/- 0.1mm
    • A card stacking unit with 2 interchangeable magazines, each holding up to 450 cards with a thickness of 0.8mm
    • Scrap web is automatically discharged
    • The touch screen monitor makes the machine easy to operate
    • Complete CE safety guards
    • An air flotation system protects the cards from scratching during the feeding process
    • An auto sheet feeder with trolley holds approximately 1 000 sheets, with a sheet thickness of 0.8mm
    • Special accessories are available for thze accurate punching of contact-less plastic cards



    • Larger size machine with more cavities is available upon request.
    • Sorting device allowing a specific punched rows of cards to be sorted into seperate magazines.