SYSCO CAR12/25 High Speed Selective and Total Cutting Press for Cards Expand

SYSCO - CAR-12/25 - AR/AS


High Speed Selective and Total Cutting Press for Cards with Special Formats

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CAR-12/25 - AR/AS

Press cutting fast reading marks printed optical cells, selective cutting and total simultaneously



  • CAR series are designed for cutting and selective cutting total a wide variety of products requiring high accuracy positioning in the cup.
  • Suitable materials: paper, aluminum sheet, copper foil, rubber, polymer, paper AL laminated plastic such as PP / LCD / PC / PET / PVC static or anti-static materials such as foam made ​​of PU / PE / EPE / EVA etc felt.
  • For printed products: blank as a printed mark using optical fiber serving as a sensor or CCD camera. Ideal for labels, printed stickers, plates nominal labels for bar code stickers and tags and rigid.
  • Products for smooth precise cutting and high speed insulating products adhesived, capsules, PP liners, seals and packaging products.



  • A combination of a large volume of production, precise cutting punches with a perfect cut and outer edges.
  • Superb quality of the cut, due to the performance of the tool die punch, the punch mounted on wood that are compatible and interchangeable.
  • Working capacity of up to 5000 strokes per hour, using only tool punch die.
  • The ball screw of input and output unit and the servo-controlled clamping allow precise positioning +-0.1mm.
  • Optical sensors with their system of research and reading printed mark ensures cutting accuracy by this mark of +-0.1mm.
  • The unit provides automatic alignment accuracy side cross sectional view of the printed marks +-0.1mm.
  • Complete CE safety standards.
  • The touch screen control, friendly, with possible recording more than 300 programs cutting making machine operations faster and easier.
  • Falling materials are automatically discharged onto a receiver.
  • Specific arrangement: 4 mechanical stops, adjustable simultaneously.
  • The steel plate treated and cured at 60 ° HRC-, allows selective cutting as total creating slices own.
  • This machine is designed to increase productivity has been created in order to increase production.



  • Destacker automatic sheet.
  • Systems made according to your specific specifications.
  • RAC-12, cutting machine of electronic components, in line with lamination station.