SYSCO CAR-5HS Automatic Cutting and Stacking Machine for ISO Cards Expand



Automatic Cutting and Stacking Machine by Servomotor for ISO Cards

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Automatic Cutting and Stacking Machine for ISO cards

High accuracy and high productivity with servo motor



Plastic card cutting, collecting, stacking and skeleton web removal system for card manufacturing industries. Available for any sheet size or printed card layout. Available for PVC, PC, ABC, PET a,d paper materials.

Cutting credit card assembly, stacking and skeleton storage system for manufacturing ISO cards, available for any size sheet or PCB layout.


Product description  

  • High volume production rate
  • Hihj speed and accuracy
  • Low noise, low vibrations
  • 100% servo motor driven
  • Shear-type male & female die sets for clean and quality cards edge
  • Inboard & outboard ball-screw servo driven gripper unit with +/- 0.1mm accuracy and precision
  • Laser sensor registration mark tracking system with +/- 0.1mm accuracy
  • Card collecting & stacking units with 2 interchangeable magazines for continuous operation
  • Automatic skeleton web removal system
  • User friendly touch screen monitor and operator interface systems
  • CE approved safety standards
  • Air flotation system for scratchless sheet feeding & handling
  • Auto sheet feeder stack, capacity : 1 000 sheets per load
  • Working capacity : up to 22 000 cards/hour for 3 by 10 rows layout for CAR-5HS



        • Special accessories are available for special applications (contactless cards, plastic materials & type...)
        • Sorting device, allowing specific punched raws to be sorted or distributed into separate magazines
        • Available for any sheet size and acrd layout