SYSCO GSM-1A Automatic SIM Card Punching and Stacking Machine Expand



Fully Automatic SIM Card Punching and Stacking Machine

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Cutting and automatic stacking modules with SIM cards for GSM cell phone

Global System for Mobile Communications standard 11.11

Range of application 

The machine is fully automatic punching and stacking system for GSM cards (Global System for Mobile Communications). It is designed to punch the Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) and scribe a break-out line according to the GSM 11.11 standard.



  • Extraction of Individual cards from two removable loading magazines.
  • The timing belt transporting system moves the cards from one workstation to another in a synchronized manner.
  • SIM punching operation is driven by hydraulic system.
  • Scribing of break-out lines with pneumatic-driven tool knife edge.
  • Removal of waste material into an external container.
  • Automatic stacking of the finished cards in two output removable magazines.
  • Complete CE safety guards.
  • The touch screen monitor makes the machine easy to operate and self-diagnostic trouble shooting makes the machine user friendly.
  • Very stable and consistent production system
  • Both flexible and reliable


  • Optical color sensor to detect correct card orientation and color.
  • Pc base monitor with software and reader for ATR function.