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Gathering and Collating Machine for Plastic Cards

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Gathering and Collating Machine for Plastic Cards Cores and Overlays with or without Magnetic Tape


The preparation of tapes before lamination is often an important step in terms productivity. The new GCM works directly from overlays coils thickness from 0.04 to 0.4 mm with or without magnetic tape. Depending on the machine configuration, the hourly rate reaches 1200 format welded, cut to length and stacked.



  • Fully automatic suction cup brings a destacker hearts in the process, capacity of 1000 sheets 0.7 mm thick.
  • Cleaning sheets: before being fed into the machine, each sheet passes PVC or PET in a special cleaning roller. You do not have to worry about the cleanliness of the cards before lamination.
  • High technology, high precision alignment and positioning hearts compared with magnetic tapes. Depending on the heat size, the magnetic strip can be positioned much higher than the overlay on the bottom. In the assembly process, a special ultrasonic welding of two or three layers fixed with accuracy.
  • High efficiency: The GCM-1S stands at the global level, the other machines in its simplicity and speed of assembly hearts with overlays. For example, the rate reached 1,200 sheets / hour for a format of 622 x 648 mm.