SMRE SM-400-TA Dual Axis Cutting and Marking Table Expand

Solar Edge (SMRE) - SM-400-TA 2.0


Dual Axis Cutting and Marking Table

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Solar Edge (SMRE)Solar Edge (SMRE)

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First introduced in 1999, many innovative solutions were integrated into this machine to ensure absolute reliability and cuts of the highest quality. If you’re looking for fast and efficient production cycles and high quality cut panels made with an easy-to-use machine, SM-400-TA is the solution for you.
To solve the problem of shrinking crystal (clear) PVC we developed a system for the just-in-time heat treatment with infrared light. After the treatment the crystal PVC will remain perfectly stable and can be integrated in products such as industrial doors, tents or terace covers without the danger of shrinkage, even when exposed to sunlight or cold.

SM-400-TA installs a wide range of industrial cutting tools for the creation of top quality fabric panels. A selection of accessories make this machine the complete solution for your panel cutting requirements.

Originally designed to cut specialty fabrics typically used in the awning and sun protection industry, it’s solid industrial structure, brushless motors, and quality cutting tools make this machine an ideal solution for manufacturers in many other industries as well.