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Solar Edge (SMRE) - SM-320-TA


Conveyor Cutting Plotter

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Solar Edge (SMRE)Solar Edge (SMRE)

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Bandeau SM320TA
Conveyor cutting plotter with revolutionary fabric transportation system and multiple layer conveyor belt

Cutting area : width 1600mm à 4000mm x 3000mm
 Fixed blades, Oscilating blades, Creasing, Marking

Solar Edge (SMRE) developed an innovative solution for the movement of the fabric. While the fabric is being spread on the work top, two lateral grippers and a horizontal pressing bar simultaneously block the conveyor belt and the fabric, so that the movement of belt and fabric is completely synchronized, thus avoiding the fabric from slipping out of position.


The SM-320-TA conveyor belt is made of extremely sturdy, multiple-layer industrial fabric that, when used correctly, can handle years and years of intensive production without needing to be replaced, ever. The Solar Edge (SMRE) belt has such high resistance that it goes well beyond comparison with conveyor belts installed on machines made by other manufacturers. The difference is not only its duration, but also its reliability and the quality of the cut. Belts installed by other manufacturers will lose their shape after a few months of intensive cutting, severely compromising the precision of the cut. The multiple layers of the Solar Edge (SMRE) conveyor belt guarantee an extremely long lifetime and great cutting precision. Even belts that are intensively used look like new, even after years of intensive, heavy duty cutting.


The vacuum turbine installed under the machine secures the fabric to the work top so that it will not slip during the cutting cycle. The worktop surface is perforated in a special configuration so that the efficiency of the vacuum turbine is optimized. In order to enhance the precision of the machine, SM-320-TA offers the possibility to keep the vacuum function on during movement of the fabric. When the conveyor belt is moving to pull and spread a new sheet of fabric onto the work top, the vacuum turbine automatically switches to a lower power level. Before starting the cutting job, the vacuum turbine switches back to full power.


For the easy handling of jumbo rolls Solar Edge (SMRE) developed a powerful motorized unwinding system. The movement of this system is synchronized with that of the conveyor belt, and not only assists the conveyor machine in spreading rolls of great dimensions and weight onto the work top, thus greatly enhancing the precision of the machine, but thanks to an electronic sensor it will also continuously check that the fabric is being fed correctly into the machine and, if necessary, automatically correct the position of the roll.


Several different cutting and marking tools can be installed so that the operator has the right tool at hand for cutting any type of fabric at all times. A choice of rotary blades, custom made according to the production requirements of the customer, drag knives, marker pen and laser pointer can be installed simultaneously on the tool bridge.


The Easy Works Extreme cad/cam software dedicated to this machine makes the operating of the SM-320-TA easy and very efficient. In addition to the cad/cam program the operator can select a greats number of working options, like an automatic nesting program that fits the various shapes on the work top, optimizing the cutting sequence and greatly reducing discards. The machines also features a powerful calculation module called the split box that splits very large shapes into smaller, "workable" pieces. The Solar Edge (SMRE) software is compatible with all current cad/cam programs available on the market and can import and manage files written in DXF and EPS formats.


With more than 300 cutting plotters supplied to renowned manufacturers in a wide range of industries everywhere in the world, SM-320-TA is a thoroughly tested, highly efficient and reliable production solution, super strong and user-friendly, ideal for manufacturers who need to perform fast, high quality cutting of industrial textiles.

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