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Solar Edge - SM-332-TA


Multiple Tool Digital Cutting Plotter with Conveyor

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Multiple Tool Digital Cutting Plotter with Conveyor

After more than two decades of experience in developing automated cutting machines, SolarEdge Automation Machines presents the all-new Digital Cutting System.

The SM-332-TA is designed to maximize production efficiency while being a highly flexible working tool, engineered to suit different application needs. The machine is fast, precise, versatile and ensures manufacturing effectiveness of high-quality products.

A WIDE RANGE OF TOOLS, that can be housed on the machine, have been designed to enable the new SM-332-TA to cut many different materials, such as: screen, rubber, PVC coated fabrics, composites, polyester, sponge, acrylic, fiberglass, technical fabrics, leather, paper, cardboard...

The machine is equipped with twin tool hubs that install the wide range of interchangeable tools (plug and play operation) in multiple combinations: drag knife, motorized or non-motorized rotary knife, oscillating knife, V-cut knife, milling head, and kiss-cut knife. The tool bridge can hold up to two automatic punching tools, a marker pen, and an optional camera for the recognition of printed reference marks. The motorized tools can be powered electrically or pneumatically.

Technical Details

The usable cutting area is available in multiple sizes allowing to process small to extra-large fabrics rolls.

The SM-332-TA reaches speeds of up to 90 m/min with an acceleration of 1G with a motion repeatability +/- 0,1 mm.

The cutting area is sectioned to concentrate the vacuum power in specific areas.

Pressure bar and side grippers for synchronized movement of the conveyor with the fabric.

Motorized conveyor belt to maximize cutting accuracy on long lengths.

The SM-332-TA can be equipped with an optional motorized unwind system for large rolls with automatic material alignment control and correction and a digital tension control system.


Our Digital Cutting System is the eligible equipment to cut and mark specialty fabrics with uncompromising quality and create highly professional products such as:

  • Tension structures, Tents and shelters
  • Truck or swimming pool covers, Tarpaulins
  • Pergolas, Shade sails
  • Conveyor belts
  • Containments bladders, Tunnels
  • Industrial doors
  • Wind breaker barriers
  • Leather goods
  • Composites
  • Packaging
  • Advertisement banners

Depending on the processed material and on the preferred tool combination the SM-332-TA is equipped with a conveyor belt in polyurethane or in industrial felt.

Control System

The SM-332-TA installs the Easy Work Xtreme 6.0 CAD/CAM software that transforms this machine in a highly efficient manufacturing tool.

Optional Nesting and Split Box modules are available. Custom macro’s can be designed.

The SM-332-TA is Industry 4.0 ready and can be connected with our customers’ corporate order management software.

Main Features

  • High speed, fast acceleration
  • Specifically developed to cut a broad selection of materials
  • Wide range of available cutting and marking tools
  • Plug & Play tool change system for maximum efficiency
  • Industrial conveyor belt in felt or polyurethane
  • Continuous cutting cycles for high volume production output
  • Great cutting precision
  • Cutting and marking of large and very large patterns in a limited footprint
  • Vacuum power with sectioned areas for total fabric control
  • Suitable to process standard or jumbo rolls
  • Edge control and fabric tension control on jumbo rolls
  • Motor driven conveyor belt
  • Precision on large patterns with synchronized belt and fabric motion
  • On board touch screen control panel
  • Industry 4.0 ready