SMRE SM-330-TA Digital Cutting Plotter with conveyor belt Expand

Solar Edge (SMRE) - SM-330-TA


Digital Cutting Plotter with Conveyor Belt and Blades

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Solar Edge (SMRE)Solar Edge (SMRE)

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Digital Cutting Plotter with Conveyor Belt and Blades


After more than a decade of experience with heavy duty cutting in a wide range of industries SMRE introduced SM-330-TA.

SM-330-TA stems from the symbiosis of superior control systems, a very robust machine structure and components, and precision mechanics. Developed for high speed continuous cutting of patterns or series of patterns of infinite length in flexible PVC, SM-330-TA will streamline your production processes and deliver exceptional productivity, outstanding efficiency and high quality cuts.
With a top speed of 80 meters/minute and an acceleration up to 1G (10m/s²), high precision industrial cutting tools and a series of specifically developed software programs, SM-330-TA is a cutting solution for specialty fabrics and industrial textiles unlike any other on the market.