Solar Edge (SMRE) - SM-365-TA Expand

Solar Edge (SMRE) - SM-365-TA


High definition multiple tool cutting and milling plotter 

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Solar Edge (SMRE)Solar Edge (SMRE)

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Plotter de découpe et de fraisage à outils multiples haute définition

The SM-365-TA is an industrial multiple tool plotter designed for heavy duty cutting and milling of a wide range of materials.
The machine's main characteristics are its strong industrial design, its speed, and its extreme precision.

Small series, highly specialized products, and urgent deliveries is what characterizes today’s demand in many industries.

With its wide choice of tools and accessories, installable in a variety of combinations, SM-365-TA was specifically designed to cut and mark an infinite range of materials and fabrics.

Whether you process Plexiglas, corrugated board, paper, Re-board, Foam, honeycomb panels, vinyl, film, PVC, carpet, rubber, leather, Forex, Kapa, Di-bond, Kevlar, carbon fiber or wood, SM-365-TA enables you to pick the tools you need and create highly professional products.
A wide range of accessories – such as the scanning camera that transforms the prototype patterns into CAD/CAM files, a projection camera, Digi-View to recognize reference marks – make this machine a complete solution for your production requirements.