Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme Edge Hot Wedge Welding Machine for Sign Expand



Hot Wedge Welding Machine for Finishing Operation of Banners and Signs

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Miller WeldmasterMiller Weldmaster

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T300 Extreme Edge

Hot Wedge Welding Machine for Finishing Operation of Banners and Signs



Miller Weldmaster T-300 Extreme combines versatility and precisely controlled operating parameters within an ergonomic design and interface for easy operation, speed, accuracy, and productivity.

Features, Functions, & Benefits

  • Weld rollers are independently controlled which helps produce an expanded range of products and materials.
  • Easy operation with our touch screen and 25 memory settings.
  • Guides and accessories to weld hems, overlaps, hem with rope...
  • Equipped with dual arms: The “Table Arm” takes care of straight seams for applications like tarps, awning and tents; while the curve arm manages curves and unique shapes for applications like boats and inflatables.
  • Built with one-person operation in mind.
  • It comes with a speed of up to 20 meters per minute*.
  • Welds PVC, PE, PU and many more.
  • Can weld acrylic with our special Extreme Seam TapeTM.
  • Comes furnished with the new “Seam Screen.” It allows users to digitally control all welding parameters in up to eight different languages.
  • Quick, repeatable, precision head adjustments.
  • The T-300 utilizes both the Hot Air and Hot Wedge rotary heat sealing systems.
  • Compatible with any world power source, with worldwide service, training, operation and installation..
  • Its solid steel frame makes it the most durable system on the market today.


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