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Flexible Reinforced Ducting or Tubing Welding System

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Flexible Reinforced Ducting or Tubing System


The FX-100 is specifically designed to weld Flexible reinforced ducting or tubing. This machine will weld reinforced tubes from a 2-inch diameter to a 48-inch diameter. The FX-100 can also easily add a wear strip to the outside.


Specifications, functions and benefits

The system includes :

  • One motorised unwinder for the reinforcement wire (1mm to 3mm diameter)
  • One unwinder for the hose tape
  • One unwinder for the cover tape
  • One hot air welding machine with two heads
  • One set of tooling to preform the steel wire in the hose
  • One set of tooling (Diatrol) to make the diameter hose
  • One set of welding guides
  • One conveyor to support the finished hose