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Multisealing Automated Solution for Ventilation Tubes

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Multisealing Automated Solutions


Miller Weldmaster is excited to present our new line of multisealing automated solutions, the Moduline system. Our new Moduline system is designed for the customer looking to increase business profits by automating their production process. Miller Weldmaster designs machines specifically to meet your automation needs while keeping your production and payback concerns in mind. Our years of industry knowledge enables us perfectly pair your application with the properly tailored Miller Weldmaster Automated machine. The Moduline System with its unique design enables you to select multiple automation options regardless of your production demands.


Features, Functions, & Benefits

  • Modular welding gantries for product versatility
  • Modular unwinds with load cells for fabric tension
  • Modular catwalk for simple seam inspections
  • Modular upper and lower welding heads for versatility and accessibility
  • Modular cutting heads for near final productivity
  • Moduline traversing cutters to eliminate space and accumulators
  • Moduline traversing welding gantries for continuous welding
  • PLC touch screen control for multiple recipes and easy operation
  • Remote service software for instant service and remote production status