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Portable Wedge Welding Machine for the SIGN Industry

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TRIAD Shelter Wedge Welding System

Machine equipped for the finishing needs for the Digital Graphics, Sign market


This special Triad has been designed around the basic finishing needs of the digital graphics market. This package, based on the 1" (25mm) hem wedge and housing, can provide several welding functions including overlap, flat hem, hem cord and pole pocket welds. The Triad Digital Graphics Package is also available with a 1.5" (38mm) wedge for a larger finish size.

For the bonding of thermoplastic textiles, the Triad Wedge Welding System is ideal for your in-house fabrication needs to produce tents, tarps, awnings, flags, banners, liners, covers, curtains, bags, tubes, etc. The Triad can weld PVC, PE, PP, Urethane and many other weldable, flexible membranes. It can also weld supported and non- supported material in thickness of 5 to 100 oz. and is designed to be portable, versatile and user friendly.

How does it work?

The welding of various thermoplastics occurs by a combination of wedge temperature, material speed passing over the wedge, and pressure of the pinch rollers. The material is placed between the pinch rollers and the hot wedge is inserted. Contact is made between the top and bottom of the material and a melting of the coating occurs with a certain speed of the material crossing the hot wedge surface. The pinch rollers then apply pressure to the melted coating to create the lasting bond.