Miller Weldmaster TG3600 Pulling and Welding Machine for Geomembrane Expand



Automatic Welding and Pulling System for Geomembranes

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Automatic Welding and Pulling System for Geomembranes


The TG Series of Geo and Cover fabricating machines are designed to eliminate excessive fabric handling. The TG series will efficiently produce almost any size Geo Liner or Cover. By using our exclusively designed welding and pulling system, the TG3600 will dramatically reduce labor and increase production. Because we use your floor as our welding surface, the TG3600 only takes up limited floor space. No pre-pulling, no folding, no excessive handling.The model TG3600.


Features, Functions, & Benefits 

  • Throat capacity available in 3.65M (12ft)
  • Cradled unwind stand
  • Material fabric clamp
  • Adjustable operator control platform
  • Track assembly for up to 76.2M (250ft) of travel included
  • Hot air heat system
  • Multi color fabric requires 2 unwinds