Miller Weldmaster T300 Extreme Filter Welding and cutting Machine Expand

MILLER WELDMASTER - T300 Extreme Filter System


Hot Air Welding and Cutting Machine for Filters

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T300 Extreme Filter System

Welding and Cutting of Filter Products


The new Miller Weldmaster filter tube line uses our experience from our previous filter systems and introduces revisions that will make filter tube production even easier. This system makes loading your material easier by giving a laser guideline to help ensure the roll is positioned properly which makes set up easier. From the unwind your material will be guided into the heat seamer with the help of a pre-fold system and an adjustable tubing guide which will help you make perfect diameter tubes. The tube will then be brought into the conveyor cutter system which will cut the tubes to the exact length you need and our newly designed sweep system will allow you to push your finished tubes off the side into a take away bin.


Features, Functions, & Benefits 

  • No operator involvement reducing labor.
  • It is capable of welding up to 90 feet per minute depending on the fabric which will help increase production.
  • Laser guides and adjustable tubing guide to makes it easy to set up for different diameter tubes.
  • Sweep system allows efficient removal of the tubes from the conveyor system.
  • PLC controlled welder and conveyor /cutter allowing more accurate heat settings and cutting.