Miller Weldmaster AES1800 Automatic Edge Seamer Expand



Automatic Edge Welding, Cutting and Grommeting System

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Automatic Edge Seamer


From the innovators of welding automation, Miller Weldmaster presents the AES1800. Designed to automatically finish your rolled products, the AES1800 will weld, grommet and cut your products to eliminate excessive labor. The bottleneck of your workflow no longer has to be your finishing operation. The AES1800 is equipped with sensing cameras to ensure your grommets and cuts happen at the specific spot you determine. From preprinted banners to tennis court shading, the AES1800 will dramatically increase your products and reduce your labor needs.


Features, Functions, & Benefits 

  • Throat capacity available in 1.21M or 1.82M (4ft or 6ft)
  • Controlled through Miller Weldmaster Smart Screen PLC
  • Fabric Unwind Stand Assembly
  • Linear actuation for edge guiding
  • Driven Fabric Puller
  • Accumulating System
  • Camera sensor for image sensing
  • Digital footage counter
  • Fabric cutting unit