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Top Closing Welding System for Bags

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Top Closing System for Bags


The Miller Weldmaster PS150 Top Closing System is designed and built to weld and seal Polywoven, Thermoplastic and paper bags. The PS150 can seal Pinch closures. The PS150 can weld Polywoven and thermoplastics with no glue; paper bags use pre applied hot melt. The PS150 is custom designed for easy integration into your new or existing filling line.


Features, Functions, & Benefits

  • Digitally controlled by the Miller Weldmaster Smart Screen for quick production start up
  • Controlled line speed matching system to enable synchronization with the converting line
  • Precision folding system for clean-straight folds
  • Recipe management system for easy recall of different batches
  • Quick change folding system for size and type of fold
  • No glue: eliminating consumables