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All-In-One Automated Finishing Solution with Welding and Eyeleting Operations

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All-In-One Automated Finishing Solution


The AES1900 is an All-in-One Automated Finishing Solution. It will quickly and efficiently finish products reducing your finishing bottlenecks. The AES1900 is designed with the capability to weld and grommet single panels or produce product off roll


Features, Functions & Benefits 

  • Input table for easy feeding of material for operators
  • Automatic placement of grommets
  • Simple material exit for collecting finished product
  • Adjustable to various lengths and widths for nearly any size product
  • Complete operator interface for product memory, sizing and settings
  • Machine can operate in the following modes: Weld only, Grommet only, Weld and Grommet, Weld and Hole Punch