SMRE SM-520-ZA Automatic Welding and Cutting machine of Insect Screens Expand

Solar Edge (SMRE) - SM-520-ZA


Automatic Welding and Cutting Machine for Retractable Insect Screens

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Solar Edge (SMRE)Solar Edge (SMRE)

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Automated Production of Retractable Insect Screens

First introduced in 2005, machines of the 520-series caused a revolution in the insect screen industry by drastically reducing the production time needed to make a screen, the necessary man power, and the discards.

With its wide variety of tools, accessories and software solutions, this machine is, by far, the most complete manufacturing solution for quality 6 meter profiles and custom-sized retractable insect screens solutions available on the market today and will deliver the efficiency and quality that you are looking for.

With more than 150 units supplied to major manufacturers of insect screens in Europe and beyond, machines of the 520-series have proven their worth and reliability throughout the years and are a benchmark in the industry.